Nuevo piercing de Rihanna

Nuevo piercing de Rihanna

29 agosto, 2013

La cantante de 25 años siempre ha dejado muy claro que le gustan tanto los tatuajes como las perforaciones y siempre que se hace algo nuevo no duda en enseñarselo a sus fans por las redes sociales, esta vez con instagram…Pincha aqui

¿Quieres ver todos los tattoos de Rihanna?

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21 noviembre, 2014

I don’t shop on line much. But, to think of jewelry, and acaltuly think of purchasing a nice item, it would have to have some type of nostalgic feeling as it is presented, a memory of important dates, like with a Mothers Ring, or Anniversary Band. Or a special event that you will be attending, or are creating.


23 diciembre, 2015

It was the South I ran from, all those many years ago, sweating Georgia semrums, the spread of lawns and houses, the sideways slant of speech, the starched full-skirted dresses, the manners! The manners! The manners! There I was, coiled and held within, forgetting about decorum and library voice, wanting when wanting was ill-advised and the certain death of matrimony. I took a bus, then another, my tapestry bag under my feet, my ham sandwich wrapped in a hankie and slowly nibbled, all the way to Washington, D.C. Ten years in a steno pool, in an apartment of 3 rooms and 4 roommates and my place on the folded-out-every-night couch. One by one the other girls met Him, we held engagement parties, wedding showers, and I smiled, I smiled, I smiled and escaped! One interview, two, then a third, and I became the personal assistant to a Diplomat, and that opened the world to me his travels necessitated mine but that was my dream anyway: India, England, St. Petersburg, Madrid, and finally Paris. The years passed, my journals filled, I knew the world, I met my SELF. I allowed encounters, I fell in love more than once but not frivolously, but I kept my life in my palms. Work, hard hard work, made easy by the excitement of the world, the languages swirling around and finally through/from me, the myriad chance moments with the people of this earth, and dancing! Everywhere, I danced, I sought it out, I twirled, I stomped, I clogged, I waltzed, I spun & arched, and I smiled and smiled and smiled and with each motion my voice grew within and my world expanded without into an embrace that still encompasses us all, each one, one by one, in a gaze and hold of Seeing, like the serene beauty at the table just over from me, here at this little coffee shop, the one whose eyes are smiling back at mine, the one with the beautiful and beaded dreadlocks and the eyes of a seer. She is me, and I am she, together. This is what my life has taught me.

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